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Management & Practice

  • As recommended in the inspection reports, or because of breakdowns, Commercial Contract Tyres will remove and re-fit tyres and this will be carried out by a Commercial Contract Tyres appointed service provider.
  • Tyres will be replaced at no less than 2mm tread depth.The Commercial Contract Tyres service provider will be provided with the necessary authority to undertake work and, should other work be identified either by the Customer or the Service Provider during the course of duty, then further authority (in the form of an Order Number) will be required before any additional work is commenced.
  • HPVCs and valve extensions will be provided and fitted as required.
  • Commercial Contract Tyres will arrange wheel balancing as required.
  • Commercial Contract Tyres will arrange laser wheel alignment as required and use specialist contractors.
  • Wheel nuts will be torqued with a calibrated wrench in sequence and in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Where a nut lock security device was removed it should be correctly re-fitted.
  • A wheel re-torque slip will be provided to the Customer’s responsible depot staff.
  • A re-torque sticker will be placed in the vehicle cab to alert the driver of the requirement for re-torquing. If the cab is not accessible then the sticker will be put in a prominent place in order that it does not go unseen by the drive, e.g., on the external rear view driver’s wing mirror or on the front windscreen.
  • Re-torquing should take place a short time after the vehicle or trailer has been driven and certainly within 100 miles of operational use.Re-Torquing will remain the total responsibility of the Customer. Commercial Contract Tyres will be prepared as required to cover re-torquing should the Customer seek authority for this through Ipswich Central Control and the Customer can make the fleet item available for this work to be carried out.