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Fleet Inspection

  • Commercial Contract Tyres will conduct a fleet inspection on a regular basis.
  • The inspection will cover all available fleet and those not inspected will be covered where possible within 7 working days.
  • The inspection will be conducted by a Commercial Contract Tyres employee or a contracted service provider.
  • Inspections will be conducted at times/locations mutually acceptable to both parties in order that the maximum number of vehicles can be checked on a single visit.
  • Measurements of tread depth will be taken using a standard tread measurement device and will be recorded in millimeters on a Commercial Contract Tyres Fleet Inspection Report Sheet. The tyre tread depth is the minimum position of 3 depth points measured on the surface of the tyre.
  • HPVCs (High Pressure Valve Caps) and Valve Extensions will be fitted as required and at the same time air pressures will be adjusted and set.
  • Any damage to any tyres will be recorded along with recommended remedial action.
  • Uneven wear will be noted along with recommendations for action such as turning on the rim, configuration position change, re-twinning or replacement elsewhere.
  • Similarly, uneven wear between tyres on a vehicle will be noted, particularly on twinned tyres, and subsequent review will determine action required.
  • All remedial tyre work is entered onto an action tyre report for the service provider to action.



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