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Contract Tyre Management

Service Provision from Commercial Contract Tyres

The service will cover the supply of tyres and the operational management from regular tyre inspection to fitting.

The service is designed to maximise the length of life of the tyres while, at the same time, ensuring that all statutory and safety levels are achieved and that there is minimum disruption to the operation of the fleet.

Specific items of the service include:

  • The regular inspection of the vehicle tyre stock
  • The recording of wear and any damage to the tyres
  • The provision of new and part worn premium quality tyres according to requirement
  • The fitting of tyres
  • Various operational tyre practices, e.g., re-configuration, turning on the rim, tyre pressure checks, high pressure valve cap and valve extension provision as required
  • The provision of an emergency breakdown service for punctures and blow-outs in UK and continental Europe
  • Records of tyre tread depths and tyre work will be maintained on Commercial Contract Tyres computer for each fleet item.
  • Commercial Contract Tyres will control operations through a Control Centre based at Commercial Contract Tyres offices in Ipswich. Control contacts and telephone/fax numbers are detailed.